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The Side Hustles That Made Me a Millionaire

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Are you Making Any of These Side Hustle Mistakes?

One-third of Americans say they need a side gig to pay their expenses. And nearly half — 45% — of U.S. workers earn additional income outside of their primary career, according to a recent survey.1

Maybe it's the student loans, maybe it's credit card debt, maybe you're just trying to make ends meet. No matter the reason, you're hustling, out there making money wherever you can.

The struggle is real, and I've been there. And I've put together this series to help you.

Side hustles are a tricky thing. As you've just seen, if you jump in without the right strategy, it's easy to grind your gears without ever really moving forward.  

You've got to understand there are different types of income. Most everything you earn in the early days is temporary, because you end up spending your money just as fast as you make it.

But there's also "long term" or "recurring" income, which means you do the work once, and get paid over and over again for it.

You have to be willing to learn new things in your side hustle if you want to make a lot of money over a long period of time. Without the right strategy, it's easy to stay "emergency focused", instead of doing the right things to build wealth and freedom.

And that's what this series will teach you.

Would you like to see the exact side hustles that made me a millionaire? 

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The "lessons learned" I'll share with you in the next video will give you a shortcut that could literally save you years of trial and error and wasted effort, searching for the right side hustle for you.  

There's no catch, and no sales pitch at the end.  My team and I have created this educational series to help give you the guidance I wish someone had given me years ago when I got started in my first side hustle.

And who knows, it might even lead to us working on a project together one day.

We look forward to seeing you on the next page.

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